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The Greek Wedding Show

The White Door Theatro

Adult 49€ | Child €


  • A unique musical
  • Engage with the local culture
  • Break the monotony... by breaking plates
  • Interactive Show

Departure : 21:30
Return : 23:30
0-4 hrs


A different entertainment in Santorini. You are invited to take part as a guest in a traditional Greek wedding. A life changing ceremony, a group celebration. Be part of the story. Meet the family. Eat, drink, dance, break plates. The custom is traditional. The experience is not!

For about ninety minutes, a professional cast of actors and dancers will delight us with unique spectacle of acting, dancing and live music. Set in the post-war years of the late 1940s, we take part, as we were the invited guests of a Greek family, in the preparation and celebration of a wedding. The show begins in the interior of the cava, set as a home, where we meet the members of the family, who will introduce themselves and their stories during the wedding preparations. When the bride arrives, followed by musicians, you are invited to the reception at the outdoor patio where at your dining tables you will enjoy a selection of “greek tapas” reflecting the traditional cuisine of Santorini. As you savor the tastes of the island, you will take an amazing journey through the best of the music and dance throughout the history of Greece with the opportunity to express your joy, by dancing and wishing good luck to your new Greek family in our special tradition of breaking the plates against the floor.

Need to know

The site is a 500sq.m. complex situated in the heart of the capital town of Fira, that can fit up to one hundred people. There are two entrances/exits, one on the main pedestrian road in the shopping district, and the other on the main street with vehicle access, convenient for transport. The 200 year old building’s interior is exemplary of traditional island architecture, with rooms separated by walled arches, leading to a private, trellised outdoor patio.

What's Included

Entrance fee, Dinner : Tomato pâté, with olive oil, fresh oregano & organic salt. “Tzatziki”, Greek yogurt, cucumber, garlic & fresh herbs with carrot sticks. Anthotiro cheese mixed with roasted red pepper. Greek salad with Feta cheese. “Melitzano” Salad, eggplants, garlic, peppers & spices. “Mavromatika”, Greek beans with onions & herbs. Potato Salad with fresh spices, onions & extra virgin oil. Bread & Santorini wine

Best experience in town
Guest : Helen S.

t is much more than a theatre, it is an amazing experience. An people are so kind. From the reservation (house was fully booked on Saturday and I had a couple of friends in waiting list that were accommodated), to the reception and appetizers (almost a dinner) with wine. It is a big house and part I the actors walk in the middle of the public. On part II, where the tables are, you have live music and then you are invited to dance, as you were part of the family during the wedding party. Really great. My friend forgot her purse there and they were so kind and brought it to our hotel. Could not recommend more. Do your reservations early.

A great time!
Guest : Connor F.

My wife and I had a great time at this show. They had us clapping, dancing, breaking plates, and shouting Opa! The cast was very good and engaging. And there was a good portion of food and wine provided. I recommend for a fun time.

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