General Terms of Business of Santorini Activities and of Suppliers of Tours and other touristic Services

These Terms of Business are divided into two parts:

I. General Terms of Business of Santorini Activities

II. General Terms of Business of Suppliers of Tours and other touristic Services Santorini Activities provides visitors and suppliers of touristic services with this booking platform. The contracts are concluded directly between users and suppliers of touristic services. Santorini Activities is not a contracting party for booked tours and other touristic services.

I. General Terms of Business of Santorini Activities


These General Terms of Business control the usage of the Santorini Activities website when you sign-up (register an account) or book a service. Furthermore, the"Terms of Use" and the "Privacy Policy" of Santorini Activities are applicable for the Santorini Activities website.

Upon registration (opening of an account), you agree to these General Terms of Business, the "Terms of Use" and the "Privacy Policy" of Santorini Activities as the contents of your legal relationship with Santorini Activities and the mediated supplier, respectively.

1. Sign Up / Registration / Opening of a Supplier Account

1.1 Opening of a User Account Prior to booking a service on www.Santorini, you need to open a user account and register.

When you register, you will enter personal information that will, as far as necessary, be forwarded to the mediated to the supplier during the course of the booking process.

1.2 Eligibility to register Registration is restricted to actionable persons. In the case of registration of a company or a legal body, the person conducting the registration must have proper authorization to act in the name of the company or legal body, respectively.

There is no entitlement to registration or use of the booking platform.

You need to register with your official name. Registrations under a pseudonym are not allowed. Santorini Activities may delete accounts under wrong names, pseudonyms etc.

1.3 Number of User Accounts The registration of more than one user account for the same natural or legal person is not allowed. The user account is not transferable.

1.4 Truthful information You are required to provide accurate information and keep it up to date. Santorini Activities is not liable, if a booked service cannot be carried out or other damages occur, because of outdated information.

1.5 Communication If you book a certain service, all booking and payment processes, cancellation of the booking etc. need to be conducted using the specific forms on the Santorini Activities platform, to which you receive links in the e-mails Santorini Activities sends you upon completion of the booking process. Otherwise there may be difficulties in the proper completion or termination of the contract. In this case, Santorini Activities is not liable.

1.6 No offers The published tours and other services are non-binding offers.

1.7 Booking process If you decide to book a specific tour or other touristic service, you need to make the request through the relevant booking interface on the Santorini Activities website and enter accurate information. The request needs to be dispatched by pressing the relevant button.

1.8 Obligation concerning the Request You are bound to your request (offer) for two work days. For calculation of time, the time zone of the supplier is authoritative.

1.9 Acceptance of the Supplier The supplier offering the requested tour or other touristic service, will answer your request within the given period of time. Upon the acceptance of the request, the contract between you and the supplier becomes effective. The charges for the booked service will be deducted from your credit card or bank account. If the supplier declines the request, the contract between you and the supplier of the service does not become effective. You will be notified for the acceptance or non-acceptance of your request via e-mail.

The supplier provides the agreed services under his own behalf and on his own account.

1.10 Eligibility Requirements The supplier may set eligibility requirements for his products. These you will find in the product description. You are self-responsible to fulfill these requirements. The supplier is entitled to disapprove or exclude you from a certain service, in case that you do not fulfill the requirements. In this case, there will be no refund.

1.11 Supplier Communication The supplier of the touristic service needs to conduct booking confirmations, as well as all other communication via the Santorini Activities platform. Thus, you should always keep the information in your user account up to date and check the e-mail in the given in the user account for new messages

1.12 Cancellation of a booking If you need to cancel a booked service, it is mandatory to use the relevant form on the Santorini Activities website.

2. Review System

2.1 Review System Upon completion, you have the opportunity to review the booked service using the Santorini Activities review system. The Santorini Activities Review System aims to create a meaningful and accurate profile of the performance, realiability and trustworthiness of the provider. The corresponding information will be sent to you via e-mail after completion of the service.

2.2 True and accurate assessment You are obliged to make only factual and truthful statements. Inaccurate, irrelevant, insulting comments etc. are to be omitted. Santorini Activities is explicitly reserves the right to delete such reviews without giving further reasons. Santorini Activities also has the right to exclude you from further use of the Santorini Activities Booking Platform and to delete your account. Santorini Activities and affected suppliers reserve the right for further legal action, in particular compensation of damages.

3. Forum "Questions"

3.1 Questions to the supplier Each entered product has a forum for questions. This forum is meant to facilitate the communication between you and the supplier, in order to clarify details of the offer. You may ask the supplier product specific questions, which the supplier will answer.

The entries in the forum Questions are visible to all visitors of the website.

3.2 Unallowed questions and messages The forum does not serve to close contracts or to cancel bookings. Such events unfold no effect with regards to Santorini Activities. In such cases, it is mandatory to use the appropriate forms.

3.3 Sanctions Santorini Activities is entitled to delete not product specific questions, comments, etc. without further notice and to close the user account.

4. Direct Messages

4.1 Personal Messages The direct message intends to exchange non-public information between you and the supplier.

4.2 Contents of the direct message The direct message is solely intended for information concerning the service and its execution. You must not exchange any personal or non service specific questions using the direct message functionality. Direct messages do not serve to close contracts or to cancel bookings. Such events unfold no effect with regard to Santorini Activities. In such cases it is mandatory to user the appropriate forms.

4.3 Santorini Activities's Right of Inspection and Sanctions Santorini Activities is explicitly entitled to inspect direct messages and to delete messages, which do not comply to these Terms. Santorini Activities may close the user account. Please refer to Nr.3 for further details.

5. Legal relationship with Santorini Activities

5.1 Position of Santorini Activities Santorini Activities provides this booking platform to enable you to get in direct contact with a service provider of your choice and make a booking. The contract relating to the service booked is solely between you and the supplier of the service. Santorini Activities is not a contractual partner for the booked service. Santorini Activities acts solely as the mediator between you and the supplier of the tour or touristic service.

5.2 Your liablity If you cause any damage to Santorini Activities, you will be held responsible for it. You are in particular responsible for your entries in the sections "Questions", "Direct Messages", and "Review System".

5.3 Liability of Santorini Activities If you make a booking, Santorini Activities is only liable to you in cases of gross misconduct (including gross negligence). Santorini Activities is not liable for slight negligence, auxiliary persons, and the mediated supplier and their auxiliary persons. The liability is limited to the immediate damage, excluding consequential damages, loss of profit etc. The liability for punitive damage compensation is also excluded. Further limitations of liability or liability exclusions in these Terms or applicable legal provisions are reserved.

The liability for computer viruses, spyware programs, and other damages caused by computer programs is excluded.

If you are an unregistered visitor and have not made a booking yet, you are subject to the General Terms of Use.

5.4 Changes of these General Terms of Business These General Terms of Business may be changed by Santorini Activities at any time without prior notice. For each booking, the currently effective Terms are applicable. The user has no guarantee that future bookings will be completed under the existing conditions.

5.5 Applicable Law The legal relations with Santorini Activities are exclusively subject to Greek Law.

II. General Terms of Business of Suppliers of Tours and other touristic Services

These General Terms of Business apply to the contracts between the users of www.Santorini and the suppliers of tours etc.

1. Acceptance of Bookings
The supplier only accepts bookings by persons fully capable of acting and with full legal competence. Legal persons have to act by a duly authorized person.

2. Truthful Information
The information provided on the Santorini Activities booking platform must be truthful. The supplier reserves the right to cancel bookings when incorrect information has been provided. In this case, the price paid cannot be refunded.

3. Arrival at venue, and compliance with rules
You are responsible for timely arrival at the meeting point. If you are arriving to the booked activity from abroad, you are personally responsible for the necessary travel documents (passport, etc.), compliance with health regulations, etc.

4. Conditions of Participation
You are personally responsible for compliance with any conditions of participation. The provider reserves the right to exclude participants, who do not meet these conditions, from the activity. In this case, the price paid cannot be refunded.

5. Binding Nature of Inquiry
The contract between you and the provider is concluded when the suppliers accepts your booking request. By booking a tour or other activity, you are submitting a binding offer to the supplier, to which you are bound for 5 working days. If the supplier accepts your offer within this period, the contract is definitely concluded. You will be notified via e-mail.

6. Payment
Your credit card will be charged upon booking. If the provider does not accept your booking, the charged amount will be credited back.

7. Disclaimer on Right of Withdrawal
In case that the applicable law for the contract between you and the supplier grants a right of cancellation in favor of you, you waive that right, to the extent permitted by law.

8. Personal Responsability for Insurance
Insurance is not included in the price. You are personally responsible for a sufficient insurance coverage. The extent of insurance need depends on the booked activity.

9. Unpaid Services
If you do not pay for the booked service or revoke the payment, your claim to the service benefits will be omitted. This will be regarded as a cancellation and cancellation charges will apply according to section 11.

10. Exchange of Messages
All communication between you and the supplier must be made through the Santorini Activities booking platform. For this purpose, solely the forms provided by Santorini Activities are to be used.

Messages, which are not handled through the Santorini Activities booking platform or via the forms provided for that purpose, cannot be accepted by the supplier and they carry no legal effect.

11. Cancellation Policy
If you cancel the activity, the cancellation policy on the Santorini Activities voucher is authoritative. We advise the customer to carefully read the information on the Santorini Activities voucher.

If there is no cancellation policy stated on the Santorini Activities voucher, the following cancellation charges will be levied by the supplier of the services:
o Up to 4 working days before begin of the activity: full refund
o 3-0 working days before begin of the activity or no-show: no refund

You reserve the right to demonstrate that the supplier suffered a smaller loss through the cancellation, than indicated by these rules.

The refund will be made within 20 working days by crediting the credit card used.

If the credit card payment before the use of the booked service is not honored or revoked, this will be considered as a booking cancellation and cancellation fees will apply. Further claims for damages are reserved.

12. Extraordinary Cancellation
The supplier can cancel the activity without adherence to the cancellation period if weather conditions, governmental actions, unforeseeable or unavoidable external circumstances endanger or make carrying out the activity impossible or substantially more difficult.

This is done under exclusion of any compensation for damages or other claims under what legal basis whatsoever.

13. Exclusion from Participation
The supplier has the right to refuse admittance or exclude you from an activity if you do not meet the eligibility requirements, or if your participation puts you or others at risk, or otherwise interferes with the proper conduct of the activity. In these cases, the price paid cannot be refunded.

14. Program Changes
The supplier further reserves the right to make minor program changes, if deemed necessary due to unforeseeable or unpreventable circumstances.

15. Other Conditions
Further conditions or alternative rules can be found on the respective product pages.

16. Time Zone
For time and date calculations, the time zone of the supplier shall apply.

17. Liability of the supplier of the tour or touristic service
The supplier of the tour or touristic service is liable according to applicable law. The liability is excluded to the extent permitted by applicable law.

18. Changes of these General Terms of Business
These Terms of Business are subject to change without prior notice. The terms that are valid at the time of each booking shall apply. The user has no claim that future bookings be completed under existing conditions.

19. Applicable Law
The legal relationship between users and suppliers of services shall be in each case governed by the applicable law.